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Don`t push yourself
There is exact time for everything in life, all in its turn. Sometime we rush the things and push ourselves, couse we think we have to. And we feel a lit of press, so we try, we do, but get often a negative result. We try again, and than back to the begining, like the bad circle. Recognize the situation?
I was a light smoker, not heavy, but light. I smoked in periods, somtimes less sometimes more. After several years of such smoking I felt that I have to stope it, I realised the damage I was making to my health and sometimes economy. But mostly health. So I quit, then start again, and so during long time. I realised that was is more difficult to get tid of the habbit than I thought. It was psychological addiction mostly. Once I saw a film about smoking, the film just happend to come in my sight, I was not even inthusiastic about watching it, but I had nothing better to watch. And right from that day I never felt anymore that I needed a ciggaret. app
Everything happened so natural without any press and with ´long lasting effect. Since then I never ever wanted to have a ciggarette. Though I had several years before of struggling.
Category: My articles | Added by: Angel (2010-04-24)
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