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Main » 2010 » April » 26 » My weight story
My weight story
Quite a long time ago, year 2001 I weight over 90 kg, maybe about 95 kg. I did not feel good at all about my heavy weight and desided to lose it. I was eating healthy food, sometimes going on diets and working out a lot. So during several years lost totally 30 kg, and last years my weight stayed between 65-67 kg.
After not having weighed myself for ONE year and I finally did THIS! And I was not pleased with what I saw. I can explain why: I felt I gained some weighed after having eaten a quite unhealthy food for a couple of monthes. BUT! I consider myself an active person and have been working out and loosing weight for several years. Last month I have been training hard, at the gym, going on morning powerwalks and dieting. And what a disappointment! I saw 75 on the scales to my previous 66kg . I was expecting to see at least 70 max. My dream weight is 60.
It has been now 2 months that I never ate one single sweet or a cake. I followed the strict Kethonic Diet now for 5 weeks. Last I weight myself for a week ago I was 70 kg. So I still have 10 kg to go. And I am happy to share my way up (or sooner down in weight) with you.
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